Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Storm on the Lake

Yellowstone Lake. A helpful young employee at the hotel told us 3G reception was possible on a hill overlooking the lake. Although it wasn't close, we found it, read our mail and saw this magnificent storm advancing over the water.
Following David Page Coffin`s advice, I painted this on Fabriano Artistico that I had applied a thin coat of acrylic matte medium. It acts as another bit of sizing preventing too much absorption. Yupo, my usual watermedia 'paper', is completely non absorbent and the difference between it and normal papers is huge, requiring different techniques. A little layer of acrylic on cotton fiber papers bridges the gap somewhat.
watermedia on paper 9"x12"

Available Work [updated 7-4-12]


RH Carpenter said...

It's beautiful, and thanks for the tip about the acrylic medium (I'll try that sometime in the future).

Maureen said...

The storms you paint, like your paintings of water, are always compelling. I like this a lot.

The image is so apt at this time of year, when a storm gathers into its furious self in a matter of minutes.

Lorna Cahall said...

This is so special and evocative. I love seeing you work each day. Agree that you do wonderful things with water and my personal favorite is trees - any tree.

Ruth Armitage said...