Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter Wetlands-Fanno Creek

Another on the paper Arches formulated for oil paints. This time I sprayed the surface with a matte acrylic and the paint still managed to sink in. It wasn't my intention to do something so pale but I think it worked in suggesting the delicacy of the dormant wetland. Fighting my materials is frustrating, but tonight I talked with my friend Jillian Conrad and heard of a struggle that dwarfs absorbent paper. She is a conceptual sculptor. When the 'idea' is the art, there isn`t a consistent craft employed from piece to piece. It`s all problem solving in the execution of each sculpture. She needs to learn different skills all the time, never having a comfortable familiarity with any of them. Yikes!, I think I`m going to be grateful for paints in a tube and brushes.

Finally, I set up a Facebook page for my art. I thought I could keep it separate from my personal one but no such luck. So forgive me nieces and nephews, my childhood friends, my former co-workers, I`m sorry to flood your feeds with Randall the Artist stuff. I didn`t want to.

By the way, for any local people who might read this, the wetlands of Fanno Creek on the east side of Cook`s Park in Tigard are magnificent right now. When the weather warms up some, I`m going to go sit there and paint some watercolors.

some available work


Maureen said...

Lovely painting, Randall.

It's interesting to think about how your friend describes sculpting. In some ways, writing is like that - the tools (pen, pencil, computer) don't change but how a poem gets put together and comes together changes every time.

re: FB page. You have my "Like" now. (You can set up a group that's limited to posts with your family. But it does mean one more thing to deal with.)

kingfisher said...

In the case of this painting, I think the softness of color adds to its charm, though of course that wouldn't be true for every subject.

Melody Cleary said...

I have a FB Page and personal page...they are connected, but my posts to the art Page aren't Shared on the Home feed unless I tell it to Share. Nobody sees it on my personal page but me until I hit Share. That's how it seems to work for me. A lot of my Friends have Liked my Page, so they see it twice.