Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Up from the Forest Floor

I`ve lived [and painted] in some modest places; an old motel, a refurbished chicken coop, an Airstream trailer, and no matter where I`ve been or the fun I had, it`s always great to return again. Yet, when I move on into a new place, I barely have any curiosity about the home I left behind. Even nice ones. This seems odd but I guess home is where we invest ourselves, wherever we are and whenever it is.
This is a watercolor from 1995 [ish]. It was inspired by the profound work of the Arizona artist Jim Waid. His early work especially, seemed to get right to the spiritual core of the landscape in the most  generous, glorious and vibrant manner possible.
watercolor on paper 12"x9"

available work in my studio


Ruth Armitage said...

Whoa! Not at all what I expected when I visited Jim Waid's site. But certainly glorious :)

Jo Reimer said...

Except for the title and the flower at the base of the tree this seems like it could be an underwater scene. Lovely!

kingfisher said...

Oh, I love this one!

kate said...

I can smell this one. The moist rich earth and the sweet violet scent. Yes. I'm interested in your comment about place too. That's exactly how I feel and I've never heard it expressed before.

SamArtDog said...

I love Jim Waid's paintings! Ever since he hung a show here in Boulder years ago. The show included "Canyon del Oro". One of my favorite-of-all-time paintings.

Sounds like Hawaii is changing your life. Heh.