Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Marsh in March

I`m sitting with this one for a while. It`s either exuberant with winter funk or way too busy and muddy. This comes from my plein air outing in early March. While walking around to warm up, I got some photos of incredibly dense tangles of swampy trees. So far I have done five paintings of the wetlands since then and two painted at the site. It`s good to get out there and paint with friends, it can lead to productivity.
oil on cradled panel 18"x24"

available work in the studio


Ron said...

I like your style Randall.

Cousin Ron
Retired in Delaware

Ruth Armitage said...

The interaction between the two trees is wonderful :)

Jo Reimer said...

I agree with Ruth. Perhaps the trees are having a conversation. Love the tangles and the subtle textures of soft color that suggests the atmosphere of a gray day that hints of spring.

Maureen said...

I'd like to cast off my "winter funk". It's another cold, windy day here. A little warmth would help warm me up (literally).

You could title this: "A March Marsh Dance".

kingfisher said...

Randall, if you want a grayer, graver picture, paint one. But don't you dare "gray" (re-paint) this. It's lovely and lively just the way it is!

Sarah Sedwick Studio said...

I love it! But I think I love all your work, and you're not so bad yourself....:) Be thinking about trading with me, if you ever want to - I'd love to have your art in my home!