Monday, January 27, 2014

South California

                                                                   watercolor 6x6
                                    Painted in Oregon before my trip to the Coachella Valley.
I left my home state of California so long ago I never miss it. Until I am there. Our visit to Palm Springs brought back some happy memories. I briefly lived there 34 years ago and I grew up 60 miles away. It was so sweet to be near the hulking giants San Jacinto and San Gregornio again. These were icons to me as a kid. Visible only when the Santa Ana Winds blew the smog away. California has cleaner air now and I think is a better place than when I left. Walking in the foothills, canyons, oasis, and washes of the desert was like being with an old friend. See what I saw;


Libby Fife said...

Those photos are so gorgeous-thank you. I particularly like the overhead shot of the mountains (hills?). The way they fold and weave into one another makes them look like they are alive (to me anyway). Hope your visit was a good one.

Lynne Cunningham said...

Lovely! Meaningful locale, and vignettes. I miss those colors of the native sycamores --- thanks!

Linda M said... those big boulders! Looks just as I remember when hiking there 3 years ago. Beautiful place to visit but hot! Thanks for sharing.

Jo Reimer said...

I laughed at your comment about not missing a place till you return. That's how I feel about some places in my own history.
Interesting pictures, new to me.

kingfisher said...

I like this painting. I would never have thought to run a red ribbon through the blue hill area, but it adds a lively touch. The photos were interesting, too. (But I'm glad I live in Western Oregon.)