Monday, January 6, 2014

Wetlands Studies

                                                         #2  oil on canvas paper 6x6
                                                                #1 oil on Yupo 5x5

 I`ve had some frustrating sessions lately with one large piece so irretrievably bad it had to be cut into pieces. After working for hours, it`s an unhappy sense of accomplishing nothing at the end of the day.
Such is life, with luck we wake up to new opportunity. To regroup and regain some confidence, I`ll do something tiny. These are my first successes of 2014!
 I`ve mentioned my infatuation with Pinterest before and my love only deepens. Never before has it been possible to see such a diversity of art so conveniently, and it`s easy to join if you have a Facebook account. The poster Kintsugi has an amazing, vast collection of paintings, crafts and natural phenomenon. His/her 'boards' on Aboriginal Art are encyclopedic in scope, and there is one on my work too!

available work in my studio


Jo Reimer said...

Nice work. I appreciate your confessing that you have failures, too. It gives me hope.

You're right about Pinterest. It feels like a personal visit to an outstanding art gallery and I've learned a lot about my personal taste by reviewing my pins. However, there are days when looking at art by others instead of going to my studio and making my own stuff.

Sheri Trepina said...

Lovely works...the colours make me want to zoom in and look close....feast for my eyes...inspires me to get up, warm my coffee and head to my studio. Thank you.

Kim Rempel said...

Really wonderful Randall. Unique colours and such strong compositions.