Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Small Abstractions-tattoos-monthly demonstration

 These are visual daydreams I make between projects or when I can`t face another tree.

In 2004, the day after the election, I awoke with true despair. How could George Bush be returned to office? The insanity was crushing. To pull myself together, I went for a run in the cold along the Springwater Corridor.  As I crossed the bridge over Johnson Creek, I looked down to see a young man in a tiny kayak paddling from bank to bank gathering up trash. He was deliberate and thorough. He was making his corner of the world better.
I don`t follow any religious tradition, I choose like Iris Dement 'to let the mystery be'. Yet I`m not an atheist either. The sight of that citizen cleaning up the creek was meant for me. To give me hope, and it did.

Speaking of spiritual matters, the Huffington Post ran an essay on Christian credibility recently that gave me insights and even gratitude for my own religious upbringing. It`s a good read with compelling ideas.

Now that the Supreme Court has decided money is speech, consider this; if individuals made contributions to the poor and disadvantaged rather than to political candidates, wouldn`t our voices be better heard? By someone who cares? Rather than purchasing a nanosecond of an offensive television commercial? The late David Kuo made this point after resigning as the director of President Bush`s Faith Based Initiative in disappointment. Makes sense to me and I became a supporter of the Oregon Food Bank.

My beautiful niece Mackenzie asked me if I would design a tattoo for her of a tulip. She wants to wear my art on her forearm and I am honored. Years ago, for just a moment, I thought I should become a tattoo artist and cash in on the wave of interest which was clearly visible. Then I thought 'do you have a tattoo?' no 'do you want a tattoo?' no, OK then. Not my culture! However I`ve sure come to appreciate the good ones and the colors available now are delicious. She chose #4 with the leaf of #2 but on the right side of the stem. Done. She`s going to be looking at it a long time.

I had recently discovered the work of Lucie Bray, an intrepid plein air painter in England, when I learned of her death.  She had a fresh take on landscape painting that was both thoughtful and spontaneous. Take a look, her seascapes are especially spirited. She would pitch a tent on the beach and paint in all weather. Until the sea took her. Her life deserves to be remembered.

The first of what I hope to be monthly demonstrations, begins this Sat. at 10 am in my studio. If the conversation is stimulating and the experience fun, I will be doing this on the second Saturday of every month. Anyone is welcome!
5373 Lakeview Blvd
Lake Oswego OR 97035
parking in my big driveway or next door at the clinic

work for sale in my studio


Libby Fife said...

Lots of good stuff here-thank you.

I am not sure I totally understand about tattoos but what a nice compliment from your niece. And you gave her a beautiful image and gift.

Where people choose to put their efforts and energy always amazes me. We have a man here that I see every morning. He too is picking up trash along the highway near our lake. I look for this little stuff everyday when I leave my house. I look for it because otherwise I just don't see the point in actually leaving the house!

The images you showed are lovely. I saw your pins of Lucie Bray too. I couldn't believe she is gone. Her work is something.

Another great post-thanks.

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful daydreams on paper - each one still has a feeling of organic, landscape, outdoorsy stuff. Really nice! And the tattoo - don't think I've ever seen one of a tulip so she'll be unique, plus having an original!! Now to look at Lucie Bray and her work. (And I, too, felt anguish at Bush's second election - and we have Mitch McConnell again and again and again... :(

Maureen said...

Oh, I do like Bray. How sad that she died so young.

I like the tulips. I like all your flowers.

The election results were no surprise but indeed depressing. An exorcist was elected in Colorado! Too many people on the wrong kind of weed on Tuesday. How else to explain that?

And thanks for that link to the HuffPost article.

Melody Cleary said...

I tried to paint a tree the last few days and covered it up today....I was working too tight over a dreary underpainting. I love yours and Bray's loose and direct....I keep trying. Thanks for sharing the link to her work.