Monday, January 4, 2016

Random Paintings

                                                         Columbia watermedia on paper 22x14

 Not much of anything good is happening in the studio so I thought I`d post some things that never appeared before or a long time ago.
 My brother Mike said he felt adrift and that word applies to me too. Mom was such an intense concern the last few years, now that she`s gone there is aimless quality to my day. Which of course I try to fill with worthy painting but it`s not working out so well yet. Next Saturday we`re going to Minto Brown Island on the way to visit John`s parents. That always gets me thinking!

                                                    Pears 3 watermedia on paper 12x9

                                                  The Lifting Fog watermedia on paper 16x12

                                                      Chimayo Badlands watermedia on paper 22x14

                                                              Iris watermedia on paper 12x9

                                                   Saplings near the Water oil on canvas 24x24

                                                            Falls acrylic on canvas 24x20 1976

This is another of my Mom`s paintings. Would it be unethical to fix it?

                                              Up from the Creek oil on canvas 16x7

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RH Carpenter said...

You will find your balance again, soon. It will take time, though. No need to rush. I know Minto Brown Spring is one of your nature muses so I imagine that trip will energize you and give you many thoughts of paintings to come :) I love the misty one, love it!!! And then I was going to say, and then I really like that one and that one - but I'll just list my favorite for now :)

Libby Fife said...


It's nice to see different work depicting different landscapes and ideas. It's easy to see common threads that way.

I am sure you know that any kind of upset to your routine and environment can throw things off for awhile. It's just hard isn't it?

Take care of yourself.
PS-We will just start calling you Random Randall:)

E.M. Corsa said...

Love your saplings; reminds me of home in New England.
It take a long, long time to get back in the groove after something like this. As you know it certainly can't be forced. I'm not one to give advice so... Enjoy your trip and let it come to you my friend.