Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bryant Woods Spring

                                          Bryant Woods Spring oil on canvas 40x40

 From my unexpectedly beautiful walk in the rain last week in Bryant Woods.
I guess as the new normal, this Spring too is a month early. It`s beginning to feel like Northern California!
Lots of small experiments in this one. I wanted the forest to be in shadow but with a lot of color variety and texture. As usual this involves placing paint down in a given area then moving it around with squeegees and spatulas, cutting through it with rubber scrappers, wiping it with rags and drawing into the wet with q-tips. Section by section. Nearly every successful idea requires adjustments elsewhere. Eventually it coheres or doesn`t, more luck is involved than skill. But I don`t give up easily. The foreground was to be the brightest element just as the meadow was the day of my visit.

 The magnolias are out and as splendid as always! What an extravagant tree, it`s nearly embarrassing! These 8x8 studies on wood were created in 2008 for an arts benefit sale.

 In 1983 my brother Gary clipped a article out of the Oregonian newspaper and sent it to me in Santa Fe. It was a review of the poet Lewis Hyde`s book 'The Gift'. It had the provocative subtitle of 'Imagination and the erotic life of property'. [Since changed] Well that was too intriguing and I bought it immediately. Right from the start this guy started explaining the way art comes into being and why I found the life of an artist so confusing. I have never been quite as educated and consoled by a single book. I reread it every few years and always find new insights. The introduction is beautifully written and seductive. You can read it here and this includes a link to a pdf file you can download of the whole introduction. If you`re not moved, do stop, it`s not for everybody.

 The deadline to apply for a residency at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology on the gorgeous Oregon coast is fast approaching! April 18!
I`ve stayed twice and each time was exceptional. This is the perfect opportunity to really concentrate on a project, I highly recommend it.

                                                  Autumn Slough I-pad painting

 A study for a large painting I just completed and will post soon. Procreate is perfect for composing as it is easy to change things quickly.

My favorite Frida Kahlo;

                                     What the Water Gave Me by Frida Kahlo

work for sale in my studio

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Libby Fife said...


It's funny but now I am seeing this piece through the lens of my Bonnard exhibit trip! All of the details of texture and color. I can see right where you visited in those woods, thank you!

I'll have a look at the book recommendation too. Any light that he can shed on being artistic would be welcomed. And I have never seen that Frida Kahlo painting. She managed to squeeze in a ton of symbolism into that bathtub!

Hope you are well and staying dry. We have had continuous rain for several days but are going in to a dry and warm period this week. Honestly, the weather baffles me at this point!