Monday, March 21, 2016

untitled autumn slough

                                                               oil on canvas 50x40

 From a study done in 2011, both are improvisations based on memories of Minto Brown Island. This progressed quickly and I was feeling brilliant. Then came two weeks of tweaks as I tried to reconcile a simple but looming shape with the delicate intricacy of the vegetation. A 'stillness' was what I was after.

At the Clackamas Art Extravaganza I bought another inexpensive new paper made from rocks called Mineral Paper by Yasutomo. I was assured it was tougher than Terraskin but it isn`t. My problem involves the multimedia I usually end up using in a work on paper. Acrylic binds the paper along the edge to my drawing board and when I very carefully try to lift it free, it tears! When that began happening to the painting below, I stopped and got a box cutter and cut the painting out leaving the edge. This is not acceptable but I did like the painting even if it was a little smaller than I intended;

                                Over the Sea 31 11.75x 8.75 watermedia on Mineral Paper

 Loving pure color, pattern and complexity, I was smitten immediately when I discovered the work of the Lebanese painter Huguette Caland. Take a look at the magic she weaves;

                                                                 Huguette Caland

                                                               Huguette Caland

                                                   It`s fun being Huguette Caland!

 No new I pad paintings from me this week but scroll down here and check out Cynthia Wick`s vibrant slideshow.

                                                Father and Son by Cynthia Wick

In case you missed it in the 1970s, here is the incredible chocolate chip recipe from the Diet for a Small Planet Cookbook. One and a half grams of complete protein in each cookie! And they`re delicious!
[notes to the right are for a double batch]

[WW=whole wheat]

My workshop in Coos Bay July 10;

work for sale in my studio


Libby Fife said...


If you could just whip up a batch of those cookies and send them right down here, that would be great!

I am really attracted to the spaces (maybe atmosphere is the right word) that you made in both pieces. Seems like stillness and controlled chaos, respectively.

It does indeed look like it might be fun to be Huguette Caland. Seems like she just starts drawing and keeps right on going without any hangups:)

Good luck on your demo!

PS: There is a small typo too in the advertisement-you probably already saw it but just in case.

E.M. Corsa said...

Over the Sea takes my breath away my friend. I strive so hard from you. Wish you were closer; maybe your cloud magic would rub off on me!

RH Carpenter said...

Both paintings are gorgeous in their own way but I am in love with Over the Sea!! Hope the new paper works well for you - I would not imagine TerraSkin would tear - it seems to be made not to tear but one that has to be cut with scissors! You must be throwing paint and using lots of tools, etc. to tear it!! ha ha I hope you get some good folks in your workshop - it will be amazing!!!