Friday, March 4, 2016

Boundary Marsh - big ceramics!

                                                      Boundary Marsh oil on canvas 50x36

 I asked Matt McCalmont to make me some large canvases for my show this summer. In non standard dimensions. This is the first one I`ve painted on and it was a pleasure. More wetlands though the whole region, including my yard,  would qualify as one. In 24 years of being in the Northwest, this is the only winter I can remember where I was so stymied in my walks. Huge pools of standing water right over the paths, fallen trees, mud of every description and downpours that no one would venture out into. Two days ago I desperately wanted out of my studio to stretch my legs somewhere beautiful. It was raining and I almost didn`t go but we`re into a Spring pattern already and I knew there was a good chance it would stop in awhile. It did not but I was so glad I went! Bryant Woods is my go to forest for quick refreshment and it`s stunning right now;

 And last week we got away for an overnighter in Oceanside;

 Absolutely my favorite place on the coast! Sort of tricky to get to sometimes. This recent trip required a pilot car to lead drivers over a washed out road on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The only other road was closed because of a culvert collapsing. Nonetheless, so gorgeous once we were there! Just a couple of restaurants and motels, no shops but a spectacular setting at the base of a huge bluff. The sunset was foggy and opalescent and when I got home I did an I pad painting of it;

                                                                  Oceanside I pad Tipton

                                                             Jeff Blandford with one of his pots


Here he is throwing 300 lbs.
I love ceramics and once made a couple of pots myself, it is not easy. I`m especially impressed with giant pots. In the photo just above, he has weights in that backpack to help give him leverage. Take a look at his work.

                                                              Tollef Runquist

 Another young artist I`ve been watching is Tollef Runquist who lives on the coast of Maine. This guy is a natural. His work looks so effortless yet it is intelligently composed with great wit and skill!

Evil dies too, goodbye Justice Scalia. You could never mention homosexuality without disgust and contempt. Your denial of racism in our society was as racist as could be. You did not recognize the sanctity of a woman`s right to choose what is best for herself and her body. You will not be missed.

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Libby Fife said...


So very impressed with that IPad drawing!

Good for you for going out in the rain. Honestly, clothes will dry and you can always warm up. Beautiful photos.

Think big! Those pots are incredible. What vision. And I really enjoyed the work of Tollef Runquist. His toy paintings got me thinking. He seems to paint with abandon, in a good structured way.

Glad you were able to get away for a bit. It always helps:)

PS-Any particular reason for the non standard size canvasses?

RH Carpenter said...

Beautiful large painting!!! And you nailed the iPad painting, too - I can see you doing more of that and making prints, maybe? It was amazing to see the young man making that huge pot - I wondered about the backpack and was glad you told us what he was doing wearing that! I imagine work like this must be for the young and strong!! Thanks for always sharing great art of your own and others'. I laughed when I heard that Justice Thomas spoke for the first time in 10 years on the bench just recently - what a waste of an appointment and I can still remember the Anita Hill hearings. Ah...America the Beautifully Damaged...But don't worry because Mr. Trump knows "lots of words" and will make us great again!! :( grrrrrrr

Melody Cleary said...

Thanks for T. Runquist's website. Love how he handles landscapes and then the abstracts are so totally different! I really enjoy following artists whose work inspires me so. And that is a lovely large painting, Randall.

BlueHwyGal said...

Love it that you're thinking/doing BIG! But I also love your iPad Procreate work, too. Glad you got out and about during our annual "Spring Fakeout..."

E.M. Corsa said...

I cannot believe you did that on an I Pad! I must try one. You have convinced me.

Anonymous said...

I am envies you got to go to the coast, Your iPod paintings are amazing they do not look electronic at all.


Elizabeth Ginter said...

I'm sorry you have decided to include your political leanings to your blog. I think it is sadly revealing that your own evilness is directed at Justice Scalia and you believe your own righteousness makes you superior. Frankly, I believe a world with differences of opinion as in different landscapes is beautiful and you would do well to be more accepting of all these varieties in life. Justice Scalia offers the yin to your yang.