Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bright Stars Broad Stripes!

                                                  this is not a flag  acrylic on Yupo 20x26

 This tree hugging, agnostic Christian, gay, pro-choice, tax and spend liberal Democrat loves his country! In our individual ways, we all do. Let's never question each other`s patriotism.

 Listen to Lady Gaga`s stirring performance of the National Anthem during last winter`s Superbowl. Has a more rousing, moving piece of music ever been written?

 Here`s your politically incorrect Independence Day joke;

What`s the hardest part about rollerblading?

Telling your parents you`re gay.

Other efforts this week;

                                                        Forest Floor watermedia on Yupo 10x8

                                                 Winter Slough Study watercolor on Yupo 12x9

                                                  ohne titel watermedia on Yupo 6x14

 Finally I want to recommend the journalist Sebastian Junger`s new [short] book "Tribe". It`s an anthropological view of 'civilized societies' in comparison to tribal communities. He says war and natural disasters often return us to a more communal mind set with a resulting surge in purpose and happiness. Evolution required us to work closely with one another for the survival of the group and that is the existence we are hard wired for. It feels right to help. I found it provocative and very  reassuring. The biological context for human behavior always makes the most sense.
 In an interview he gave here in Portland a couple of weeks ago, he recommended a year of public service for all young people, like in Israel. Might be the military or another program such as AmeriCorp. He thinks it could help heal the awful political divisions in the country. What a great idea!

available work in my studio for sale

"New Landscapes" Randall David Tipton July 9 - Oct. 1, Coos Art Museum OR


Libby Fife said...


Hey, I used to rollerblade...:)

The winter slough study is my favorite.

I just got done reading a series of essays by Wendell Berry. He advocates for a return to a more connected way of living (small, more self reliant-communities). I think your book recommendation might be a good companion read, so thank you.

Although I like well rounded approaches to problem solving, a biological basis for human behavior (scientific viewpoints) always makes me feel better; it always feels like firmer ground.

Hope you are having a safe and patriotic weekend:)


E.M. Corsa said...

Ohne Titel, no idea what it means but I so love it.

And yes, I too love my country in the way we love our children. We don't always like or agree with what they do, they can embarrass us and make us wonder, "What were you thinking?" But we will always love them.

Just ordered Tribe!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks for this uplifting and funny post :) And you know I adore your color choices, but for some reason your monotones right now are striking a chord in me. Love love love this one at the end!!!

BlueHwyGal said...

So glad you got there, and enjoyed the beauty, can't wait to see what you "make" of it... How marvelous that you got out and about, beyond the regular stops. It was snowing so hard the day we went to Gullfoss, we could hardly see the waterfall...