Thursday, July 14, 2016

Demos - Iceland

                                                   Summer Marsh watermedia on paper 18x24

                                                       Evening Oaks watermedia on paper 18x24

                                             Stone at Bunk Creek watermedia on Yupo 26x20

 Three of the four demonstration paintings I did for my workshops at the Coos Art Museum a few days ago. Each was completed back in my studio. The demos all begin the same way, I`m trying everything to establish a mood which looks only vague and nebulous to the group. Nervously I assure them I know what I`m doing and slowly it begins to develop. I can feel as confused as the participants as I grope for something to build on. Suddenly something falls into place and the fun begins! No logical procedure, my moves are as much random as deliberate. From this, I hope to show that pleasure is more important than planning, to trust their memories, become inventors of technique and to be guided by impulse. Action painting in other words, even if it`s 70 years beyond De Kooning`s innovations and even if their subject is the lake they were camping at last weekend.

 My show in the museum was beautifully presented and the paintings had a dignity I hadn`t noticed when they were stacked against each other in my studio. The gallery was climate controlled with closed doors and I smiled to think of the damp underground space they were created in. Here`s a panorama;

                                                                "New Landscapes" Coos Art Museum


 That canyon was made for me, yes it was! Next week at long last, Randy goes to Iceland! My timing is terrible however, everyone seems to be going! Its 300,000 residents are expecting 1,250,000 tourists this year! My ace in the hole is a native tour guide for artists. She`ll know where to go, and it won`t be the Blue Lagoon! That landscape screams 'solitude', I will find it!

 In the perfect painting category, behold Margaret Glew`s 'Hot Salsa';

                                                              Margaret Glew - Hot Salsa

 She`s Canadian and gets it right nearly every time! I admire her so much. Look at this collage!!;

                                                                     Margaret Glew

 Another favorite abstractionist is Mary Nomencos.

                                                                     Mary Nomencos

 Check out this charming little video about her, she has landscape within!

                                                     South Slough Johnny!

work for sale in my studio

"New Landscapes" Coos Art Museum July 9 through Oct. 1



Sally Chupick said...

David your exhibition looks fantastic, congratulations on it. I love your description of painting your demo's for the course participants, showing your vulnerability while you find your way through the demo. People who want to learn, actually like to see that the artist can quite often be unsure, it makes them feel like they're not alone, and teaches them to trust their own ideas.
great work! thanks for sharing Margaret Glew's work, i will look her up!

RH Carpenter said...

The demos that became finished in your studio are gorgeous! I admit to tension and confusion when watching someone paint without a roadmap! ha ha But your work would make it worthwhile to watch for an hour or two :) You are going to Iceland??? Somewhere Sweetie has always wanted to go but, for me, too far, too many hours in a plane, etc. Maybe someday, but I wouldn't bet on us getting there together. I know you will be amazed and thrilled and inspired - and look forward to what you put on paper while there and when you return :)

Ruth Armitage said...

Thanks for sharing this wealth of beauty with us! Looking forward to hearing about your travels to Iceland. I hope you find inspiration galore, and excitement!

Libby Fife said...


What a wonderful sight to see your work hanging in such a lovely venue. That is exactly what all of that effort deserves.

Margaret Glew seems to get it right every time doesn't she? And I enjoyed seeing Mary's work too. She also seemed like a very nice person to boot!

Good luck with your trip to Iceland. Be safe and report back. Enjoy as much beauty as you can!


E.M. Corsa said...

Randall, that museum shot looks so beautiful; something I have always dreamed of but will never achieve due to my subject matter. But I can live it through you. Congrats on a spectacular showing.

Ha Ha, my friend just returned from Iceland and said it was the most beautiful place on earth. She didn't want to return. Stay safe and have a wonderful adventure. Can't wait to see pics, drawings and read your experiences.

BlueHwyGal said...

Love you, love the Coos Bay work (especially "Evening Oaks") and show, hoping you get to F'fur canyon. BUT. You still need to go to Blue Lagoon for the in-water massage. It's out of this world!

Pearl Chow said...

Hi Randall,

I'm going to Iceland in a couple of days and was wondering if you knew some of the "art" places you plan on visiting. We're also going to check out Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon! Have a fabulous trip!

Randall David Tipton said...

Pearl, I have an itinerary but I haven`t looked real close at it, I want to be surprised. I do know we`ll be in the south for the most part. Have a great time!

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
So that's what the inside of an art museum looks like! Your work looks fabulous, but you knew that.
Iceland! You should be immediately at home there, and let me join the chorus of those eager to see what wonderful paintings result from the visit.
The navy sent me there once, to Keflavik Naval Air Station. We landed at ten at night, after spending the day waiting for the Secretary of the Navy while he attended the 50th-Anniversary of the D-Day invasion. Luckily, our quarters had very heavy black-out drapes which enabled us to get some sleep. Not exactly midnight sun, but pretty close. Sadly, the visit was too short for any sightseeing. I'm counting on you to show me, along with your thousands of fans, the beauty of the place.
Have a wonderful time!

Lata said...

Beautiful paintings!! Very inspiring.