Thursday, July 7, 2016

Plein Air & "New Landscapes"

                                                     Edge of the Orchard watercolor 12x9

 Painted on the 4th of July with Jean Gale who did her first yupo watercolor! It was a cool cloudy summer day. Like they used to be. So far it`s been a sweet season; no oppressive temperatures, no smoke from forest fires, no series of teenage boys drowning in our frigid rivers, and the air quality has been great! An embarrassment of riches. I`ve felt really lucky especially after reading Phoenix reached 120 degrees last week.

 Below are the nineteen paintings in my "New Landscapes" exhibit at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay Oregon. It runs from July 9th through Oct.1st.

                                                         Coastal Stream Study watercolor 12x9

                                           Calypooya Mountain Summer watermedia 9x12

                                                       Hiver Marais 1 watercolor 12x9

                                                     Hiver Marais 2 watermedia 12x9

                                                     Scent in the Morning watermedia 12x9

                                                          Metolius Morning oil 30x48

                                                                 Camassia oil 56x44

                                                           Circle of Cypress oil 40x56

                                                            Coastal Stream oil 48x36

                                                               Winter Lagoon oil 30x30

                                                                Estuary Rainforest oil 40x60

                                                                       Logjam oil 56x40

                                                             Bryant Woods Spring oil 40x40

                                                               Autumn Slough oil 50x40

                                                                    Shinrin-yoku oil 40x40

                                                               Autumn River oil 58x44

                                                                                Oneanta oil 40x40

                                                                   Boundary Marsh oil 50x36

                                                             Slow Summer Water oil 56x44

work for sale in my studio


Libby Fife said...


I can't choose! They all remind me of something to do with what I love about being outside and in particular, my interest in creek spaces. Though I have to admit that the Oneanta piece is my favorite. You captured a real and serious stillness between those rock walls. I imagine a silence and a feeling of being comforted by that landscape, if that makes sense.

Good luck with the exhibit. I hope you take some photos to share.

And glad that things are quiet up in your direction. It's been nothing but nonsense with random fires in our area.


Melody Cleary said...

What a grand show!!!! Do you spray seal your watercolor on yupo pieces?

E.M. Corsa said...

Beautiful show, hope you sell every one.

But oh, that wee blue spot, pulling me closer to some dark orchard secrets. That would be my purchase.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
The show line-up looks great. I have a feeling the museum should have lots of red dots available.
Hope it all goes well and you have a sales and fun. Please get some photos so we can get a sense of the scale of those large and spectacular paintings.
Enjoy your weekend.