Saturday, May 13, 2017

Inside Passage - Iron Mt. Spring

                                             Inside Passage watermedia on Terraskin 9.5x13.5

                                             Iron Mt. Spring watermedia on Terraskin 11x8.5

 Still aimless and liking it. Professionally, I should be working on larger oil paintings but that doesn`t seem appropriate at the moment. Lots of stuff percolating in my mind and for once I can pay attention. Being so unsure of the how and when of my recovery, I cleared most everything from my calendar. Doing so has left me with the time to think. In the end, it would be great if I could use the experience to become a better painter.

  If the state of our country is a relentless worry, finding a way to make a difference and stay sane is a worthy ambition. Not surprisingly, psychotherapists have their hands full right now. On Facebook I read an essay from Robin Chancer, a therapist, on finding this balance. It was super helpful to me and I think others would similarly benefit.
Optimism can be a way of avoiding responsibility.
I think I`ve been guilty of that.

                                                              by Georgia O`Keefe

 A couple of years ago I began a search to find out what the paper was that Georgia O`Keefe used for her modernist watercolors from the early years of her career. These paintings are extremely sensitive yet simple. Betsy Chang had been curious too and sent me a huge pdf file she had obtained from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It contained detailed information about the materials the artist used. The watercolors were painted on 'cartridge paper', basically cheap and non-archival. I expected so as she was teaching school and probably didn`t have much money.
Anyhow, Betsy and I became friends. Here is one of her glorious watercolors;

                                                                by Betsy Chang

 A few days ago I was avoiding work and decided to google myself. There I ran into a very flattering blog post Betsy wrote about me a year ago. Immodestly, I present you the link.  Thanks Betsy!

Studio demo next Saturday [May 20] at 10 am. Let me know if you`d like to watch.
5373 Lakeview Blvd
Lake Oswego OR 97035

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Mitch said...

What a wonderful post Betsy Chang wrote about you, and how clearly she perceived how exceptional your work is! And her painting, though distinctly different in style from your own, share something in common, and I see why she would be drawn to yours.

One thing I especially like about this current post of yours is that it allows me to feel "responsibly pessimistic". I've always been a bit abashed that I am not more often optimistic, but I've had difficulty convincing myself that it was responsibile.

E.M. Corsa said...

I have to say, these two paintings bring something different to me as a viewer. They are more restless in a good way, showing tons of movement, almost pulsing with life. The work I'm used to from you has a more calming effect. But Randall, I love both of these; maybe they are reflecting your inner mood, but I think they are outstanding.

And stop using new stuff; I can't take the time right now to try it all!!!

Betsy C said...

thank you for your share Randall!