Sunday, July 16, 2017

New Work Summer 2017

                                                  My Marsh in Winter oil on panel 26x24

 Mine because I go there, the wetlands of Bryant Woods. I get in with the mud to see what`s happening. Last January I was able to walk into places I hadn`t seen because the ground was frozen. The previous summer`s vegetation was dead and  new grasses and cattails were sprouting. The Northwest winter often looks festive in its decay and regeneration.

                                              In the Bishop`s Garden watercolor on Yupo 12x9

 Las LOPAS convened at the beautiful Bishop`s Close last week to paint the gardens from life. A fine time it was! We have decided to return this coming Friday but with an earlier start. Please join us if you can. No one chased us off the lawn.

                                                                  Las LOPAS

                                                      January Moon oil on panel 26x24

 Every so often I like to create an 'all over' painting. The subject is usually a dense winter forest with the incredible complexity of the bare trees. With hints of foreground and back to anchor the frenzy of marks. The coastal stands of alders with their luminescent branches always excite me.

                                         Flooding Fanno Creek oil and oil pastel on Yupo 12x9

 More exciting branches, OK?

                                                       Path to the Sea 2 oil on canvas 30x30

 Sometimes if I`m lost in my studio I`ll paint again a favorite from the past. Not exactly the Warrior Way but I just want to be working, to have a brush in my hand should the spirit arrive.
 As my legs slowly heal, I`ve questioned the career aspects of being an artist, wondering how to proceed? What do I really want from my efforts? The answer is always good paintings but not how to disperse them into the world.

                                                               Immature Honeycrisp

 Six years ago I was going broke eating so many Honeycrisp apples. They are not cheap! I thought, how hard could it be to grow them? This is Oregon after all. So we planted a dwarf variety along with a small Japanese Akane to pollinate them and boom!, the first year the tree nearly broke from the weight of the fruit!
 I wasn`t able to prune it this winter and with all the rain, this crop will be huge. That bucket is filled with at least a hundred apples I thinned from the tree the other day. Here`s the problem though, bugs also like them. Do any of you know of any remedies that aren`t pure poison? My neighbor suggested copper sulfate. Any other ideas? Thanks.

 I`ve loved the work of Lynn Boggess for years and he just gets better. Though not a fan of thick impasto paint, when he uses the technique, it`s poetry. Take a look;

                                                            Lynn Boggess

                                                               Lynn Boggess

                                                             Lynn Boggess

 He goes out into the local forests where he lives in West Virginia, chooses a humble scene then brings it glory. In this video you`ll see his astonishing set up as he paints a canvas 68x80 on location!
Oh my, Las LOPAS has a lot to learn! He looks like the guy in the hardware store but this man speaks to God!

 I will be having a show at the White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach OR Sept.1 through Oct.16. I`ve shown with this gallery for 32 years! First with the founder Evelyn Georges, now with the new owner Allyn Cantor.
I won`t be at the opening but I`ll be giving a demonstration of watermedia on Yupo Sept. 23rd. 2pm. Stop by if you`re on the coast.

some available work in my studio


RH Carpenter said...

Love the January moon painting - so challenging in composition to get it right and you did - lovely things throughout to move our eyes and then the moon there to stop us. But so serene and quiet (in spite of all the movement of the trunks and branches). Lovely work, as always, and now I'll need to check out the new artist you've introduced to me :) Have a wonderful week and enjoy those apples - I see pies and tarts in the future and I hope you can find something nontoxic to spray on them so you get a healthy crop.

Melody Cleary said...

Your new works are divine! I'm a big fan of Lynn Boggess' work, too. Wish I could see them in person.

E.M. Corsa said...

Beautiful work Randall. Love the January moon painting. Also love Lynn Boggess and Honeycrisp Apples. By the time they reach my island they aren't as "crisp" as I'd like but I spend heaps of money on them.

So I'm still painting on Yupo and loving it but I always return to drawing. Can't get it out of my system.