Sunday, April 5, 2009

Canyon Bog

OK, this is new. Did I accomplish the 'narrative landscape' or is this just an overly busy painting? I can`t tell yet, the idea is too unusual for me. Asian scroll paintings are read from one end to the other without the entire image necessarily in view. My preference has been for vertical supports with centralized, sometimes iconic compositions. This horizontal format is interesting and I want to stretch it out further. As for the subject, some more study on site would be helpful. Sometimes improvisation can be strengthened with a few facts.


Quy Luong said...

Hey David.. I was perusing your site when I saw your blog. It's very cool idea. It's allow your fans to participate and see what you are up to. Horizontal format is great but it has to be exaggerated/lengthened to have an effect. The existing Canyon study IMHO looks too busy.

Suzanne McDermott said...

Too busy compared to what? I love this! Especially as there are some colors I am working with myself after a morning walk absorbing spring around a local lake.

See what you can find on Zhang Daqian, the modern master of the Chinese horizontal scroll amongst many other things including great forgeries and phenomenal original landscapes I'll bet you would love. They are hard to find online (and in US) but go to
- you can see one there.

HeartFire said...

Wonderful composition and colors... love your paintings!