Friday, September 25, 2009

Late Summer Creek

Last weekend the family gathered on Lacamas Creek to disperse my brother`s ashes into the water. Ritual usually annoys me but this was moving. We pushed Mom a half mile in a wheelchair on a dirt trail to get there. Gary left us too soon.


Maureen said...

This is for you. I just wrote it after seeing your post.

Lacamas Creek
for Randall

Ritual is annoying,
not for me,
just ask anybody
who really knows me.

But your waters,
your waters
I see how they run deep

Run fast
as the love
I painted for you.

And where you begin
where we end up
must begin our giving over

Of what we have left
Of you who left us behind

On a dirt path
among green tints and red
on snags of rocks
at water’s edge

Life I cannot see
greeting what remains.

Your ashes take their time.

I turn
our mother’s wheelchair

Head home.

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