Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sauvie Island Field

Last week when my friend Lake was visiting, we went out to Sauvie Island with my sister in law Norma. Both are manical gardeners so we stopped at the amazing Cistus Nursery. Their specialty is hardy exotics and there were many. The drive was gorgeous. I don`t think there is a more spacious place in Western Oregon. The area set aside for farming is all vast fields with magnificent banks of cottonwoods in the distance. It`s almost unbelievable how pastoral it is. In a twelve inch square, I`m trying to suggest such space.


Maureen said...

The space is in the air, the sky, the clouds, Randall.

Sienna said...

hi Randall! i just did a google search to see what you have been up to. this is beautiful! it does very much capture the openess of the island. and the bright bright colors.
nice to see so many gorgeous paintings all in one place. :)