Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November Leaves

Suddenly and unexpectedly I`ve been accepted into the Daily Painters group/website! I applied long ago when I was focused on small work. With my house for sale and a move hopefully imminent, this is a good time to return to that practice. Though I use a squeegee often, it`s mark is usually not so noticeable. Here the look seemed to suggest the ephemeral nature of late autumn so I kept it. It`s an inane title I know. Sometimes that chore just baffles me.


Unknown said...

Love this work Randall. The large yellow area is so commanding. As for titles. I have problems too so I created a solution for myself. I have a notebook and I keep it around when I read and I jot down words and phrases that stand out to me. This is easier than you think because your art work is usually in themes. I have headings on pages e.g. beauty, passage of time, old objects, calmness etc. If it is easy to sort a work/ phrase I do it and otherwise I put it in random list section for all the good ideas I may have later. I personally like one word titles so that makes it a bit easier. I also use phrases but not as much. I wrote a post on titles on my blog. It's probably sorted under reflection on practice.

Maureen said...

Congratulations, Randall, on being accepted as a member of Daily Painters.

I like this painting a lot.

As for titles: I know of one artist who refuses to give a name to any work. He also doesn't sign it. His reason is that he doesn't want anyone to be influenced by what a title or his name might evoke or provoke. When I mentioned this to someone recently, his reaction was, how arrogant (he in fact used stronger words).

I do poetry. So, I like titles and usually don't have trouble coming up with them. I think it would be tough getting poems published if I resorted to calling them all "Untitled".

You're an artist with a poet's eye. So, maybe titles need to matter to your work, too?