Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Night Marsh Studies / abandoned forest

Before Christmas I had become stuck in a large forest painting. It was hard to concentrate and nothing made it spark. So I set it aside and did small things. When I had completed the first study here, I realized that forest was a lost cause but it would be great as an under painting for a large wetland at night. I turned it upside down and began. I`m happy with it`s progress.
The second study was done this afternoon when I returned from the art supply store. The national retailer Dick Blick bought our long time local supplier last Sept. but I hadn`t been in yet. Because I spent so much money at the former business I was recognized as a 'preferred' customer. They gave me a tote bag full of art gifts! Free stuff gets me excited so I had to try some of it out.
The bottom image is the forest I painted over.

oil on panel 6"x6"
oil and oil pastel on canvas paper 8"x8"
oil on canvas 40"x40"


Maureen said...

All three are lovely studies, Randall.

We have Dick Blick stores here. I'm always in awe when I go into art supply stores just to look. So much great stuff.

Jo Reimer said...

Amazingly beautiful.
Glad you scored at blicks.

Melody Cleary said...

These are so beautiful - your work is an inspiration to me.

Lorna Cahall said...

How beautiful, especially the last one, the one with the lavender touches. The landscape is just so alive in your work!

Stephanie Berry said...

I love the middle one.