Monday, November 9, 2015

Old, New and Exhibition Shots

                                                     Balch Creek 2 oil on canvas 40x28 1993

 When I moved to the Northwest for good in Nov. 1993, I first lived in a studio apartment near Forest Park. Deliberately. Having fled New Mexico with its 300+ days of sunshine, all I wanted was to hang out in a dark wet forest. My closest access was along Balch Creek and I remember being captivated by the green glowing trees. I still am. Every winter I`m surprised at how electric they look.

 Since hanging my show last Tues. my painting efforts have been pitiful. I was excited to have the time to resume working on paper but nothing really succeeded. These two were the best of the bunch;

                                               Arcadia Moonlight watercolor on Yupo 10x8

                                               Ice Fog and Oaks watercolor on Terraskin 8x8

Before the opening reception last Saturday, I took some pictures of my show;

I will be demonstrating in watercolor this Sat. the 14th at 11 am at the gallery. I`ll show you my tricks.

Though most of his work doesn`t appeal to me much, when it does I`m smitten. Everyone has an opinion about Julian Schnabel, he`s bigger than life and his paintings are enormous! In the 80s I used to go to a local bookstore and flip through a coffee table book of his work just to see this painting;

                                                      Julian Schnabel "Portrait of God"

I still love it!

Take a look at my show!

work for sale


Libby Fife said...


I hope that the opening night was very successful. I hadn't yet seen that one painting in the sixth image down-on the left. I like that one a lot-the idea of a cool, winter forest/stream bed with rocks is always appealing.

The heat and sun gets to me also. I learned recently that there is a reverse SAD type of depression. Summertime with its heat and light brings it on. I cheered when we had our first cloudy day and the darkness arrived at 5 PM!

Hope that your demonstration goes well:)

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
The show looks fabulous and I'll be shocked if it's not a sell-out.
Damn! I need to start selling some stuff and when it happens, I WILL own a Randall David Tipton painting!!
Hope you run out of red dots.
PS: What a revelation reading Libby's comment about reverse SAD! I don't have it, mind least I don't think so.

RH Carpenter said...

The show looks wonderful. So much beauty!! And I really like the small watercolor on TerraSkin - delicious! Best of luck with the show. I, too, hope they run out of red dots!!

E.M. Corsa said...

Second grouping down, top left. If I could...

We both know why you're stumbling a bit right now. And we both know that it'll pass.

Beautiful, beautiful show my friend.