Thursday, January 26, 2017


                                                     Winter Canal oil on panel 20x20 2014

 I just want to say hello, I'm doing well with my partial new knees but I won't be painting for a while yet. Not until I can get down the steps into my studio.  Down is always tough with knee issues. The ideas are coming though just from looking out my windows. While I'm a lousy gardener, my neighbors aren't. I'm surrounded by trees and the recent skies look like Spring from my bed/command center/supply hub/communications headquarters/cat sanctuary/dining area.


Maureen said...

Happy you are doing well. Sent you an e-mail earlier today.

RH Carpenter said...

So glad you are doing well and healing - it won't be long until this will just be a slightly unpleasant memory that turns out to be a great thing! And lots of mental painting while you're waiting to get to the studio :). Hopefully, lots of TLC right now, too!

Libby Fife said...

So glad you are well and patiently waiting. It's hard being idle I think but you find other stuff to do:)

Take care,

E.M. Corsa said...

Happy to hear it's done and over with though I can't imagine you sitting still. Both knees at once huh? Brave man!

Email if you get bored.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
You can tell I haven't been viewing blogs lately. Best wishes that your knees recover with minimal discomfort and maximum potential! The winter weather may be something of a blessing, since you can't get out there anyway. Your attitude sounds upbeat, despite the ugly direction the new and hopefully, short-term occupiers of high offices are trying to take the nation.
I have little doubt, it's all been a horrible, but perhaps necessary wake-up call to those of us who want to see the U.S. moving forward, not backward. If anything will drive more millions to the next opportunity to vote, it'll be you-know-who and his band of greedy, old white men.
Take care,