Thursday, February 16, 2017


                                                       Christmas Snow oil on panel 12x12

 This painting is 2008 I think.
My knee was infected and I now have the project of my life so far. I will be giving myself infusions of IV antibiotics every eight hours through a Pic line in my arm for six weeks.
But at least I`m out of the hospital.
I will pretty much be home for awhile. There is an 'immobilizer' on my left leg to keep it straight but when that comes off in two weeks things will get easier.
I`m kind of weak at the moment but visitors are welcome!


Gary L. Everest said...

Aloha Randall,
Whoa! Sorry you'll be bogged-down for awhile, but with your active mind, I'm sure you'll be busy working out new compositions and color palettes and everything else about your art.
In fact, once you're back on your feet, you'll probably work like a mad man, days and nights, hardly stopping to eat or sleep. You'll be bursting with pent-up creativity.
Until then...we'll all be with you during this recovery, looking forward to your new works.
Take it easy, my Friend!

Maggie Emm said...

Oh dear how grim, but I love your positive spin - 'the project of my life' :-). I would love to pop in for a cuppa and commiserate but I am too far away, in the UK. Make sure you eat plenty of healing foods and keep wiggling your foot to keep the lymph moving! x

Libby Fife said...


Glad you are getting that infection under control and are back at home. You will be amazed (if you aren't already) about the things that you are actually up to the task of doing, such as giving yourself infusions. New frontiers!

Good luck. Wish I were a little closer so I could come over and bore you to tears!
Take care,

Donna said...

I'm so sorry you are going through this, Randall. Health issues fill your being for a time. It can put creativity on hold for awhile. It's OK to take a break and get this project out of the way. You will fill up again when you feel better and spring inspires you again. I look forward to that time to hear better news and read your inspiring musings.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Aaargh. I am sorry to hear of the complications from your surgery. I would love to stop in for a boredom-relieving visit!