Sunday, March 26, 2017

Delayed Pollination

                                         Delayed Pollination watermedia on Terraskin 9.5x13.5

 When I came into the studio yesterday for the first time since January, I knew I wanted to paint something yellow, with small, short marks. I was thinking hieroglyphics in orderly rows.
Well nothing is tidy in my world so soon enough the characters started to move. A random dance, like the flight of bees. Something entomological  was going on.
Even though I`ve been indoors for weeks and love the rains of winter, something deep within me was craving light and warmth. To everything there is a season.
It`s been a long difficult winter in the Northwest and people seem tense. For the good of the community, I`m praying for some sunshine.
And hoping beyond hope that I really am on the mend this time. No more surprises!

                                                     Night Pollinators watermedia on paper 8x8

 This drawing from a couple of years ago has the same bumbling, drifting intention.

                                                          watermdeia on paper 12x9

 Another yellow painting, this one from the late 90`s. The work I was doing then attempted to fuse some representational imagery with an abstract sense of space. There were few successes unfortunately.


Ruth Armitage said...

It is thrilling to see you back in the studio :) This must mean you are feeling better? This painting is pure joy and energy!

Jo Reimer said...

Im so happy for you to be back downstairs and able to stand long enough to paint some sunshine, even though its all from memory.

Libby Fife said...

Back to the basement for you! (If it is a basement-maybe it is just downstairs?)

Funny that we both are thinking about the color yellow. I have been seeing a lot of it here and before I left for vacation, I knew that it would show up somehow.

Glad that you hopefully are turning a corner. And I love all three pieces, particularly though the first one.

Sunshine is on the way!

E.M. Corsa said...

Finally back to work right?!

So love this new piece; how can one not be drawn to yellow. I painted my house yellow!

But Randall, the one that calls to me is Night Pollinators. Pure mystery and magic.

RH Carpenter said...

I love love love that flight of bees - beautiful, light, sunny, full of energty = you are back!!!! I always enjoy your muted, monotone paintings, too, like the night fliers :). I am so happy for you.