Monday, April 3, 2017

Hanging Glacier

                                                   Hanging Glacier watercolor on yupo 12x9

 As I ease back into painting, I don`t have an agenda like I usually do. I`ve cancelled everything because my legs are not reliable yet. So floating images from the past are fair game for painting until I`m hiking again and finding new subjects.
 I was in Alaska 17 years ago and saw this glacier high up the mountain where it had seemingly stopped moving. With a southern exposure it was melting fast and throwing off a beautiful waterfall. Later I was in a boat on a lake beneath it, and there were mini-icebergs everywhere. We were told when glaciers calve into fresh water the chunks of ice are called 'growlers'.
 Definitely memorable which is why I`m still painting it.
 I coated the Yupo with a tinted acrylic matte medium first to give the surface just a bit of texture. Something for the watercolor to hold onto and easier to control. Now thats it`s finished I`ll seal it with a spray UV protection acrylic varnish.


Libby Fife said...

You have a good memory I imagine. This one is lovely.

I was curious about the matte medium coating on the Yupo. Did that make more of a texture for the paint to cling too and pool into? That is sort of what I was envisioning. But, I also thought it might repel the paint a bit too. I use that matte medium on regular paper, apply the acrylics and then wipe off for a kind of "resist" technique. It's kind of a versatile product.

I hope your recovery continues to move along. The weather is probably starting to improve (I hope) and maybe just in time for some short walks? Not sure if you are driving yet. I hope it all comes together soon.

Paintout Girl said...

Thank you for mentioning the coating of matte medium before you begin to paint. You are a genius! Yupo as a painting surface has always been beyond me. I might try it again with your pretreatment idea.
Healing vibes are being sent your way.
Thank you ever so much for the link to the Rick Barton Vimeo. I drank it up. I sent it to friends here in Michigan.
Also loved the Tonkin Vimeos. She is amazing. I will be thinking of her when I'm in the woods.
Love your political views too. OK I'll stop gushing now. Ciao.

Randall David Tipton said...

Thanks Denise! You are a fearless colorist, I enjoyed your landscapes!