Thursday, August 18, 2022

Fair Kansas!

                                   Across the Canal, Aug. 22, watermedia on Yupo 26x20 inches 

Thank you Kansas! Your unequivocal common sense vote to uphold reproductive freedom sent a clear and strong message to our countries 'leaders'.  No, you can`t roll back 50 years of settled law to reimpose limits on a woman's right to choose her own destiny! No one thinks of women as property anymore, who do you think you are?? A 6 to 3 vote of the Supreme Court to allow laws forcing a woman to bear a child is an outrage. Even the conservative citizens of Kansas understand that. People have sex for pleasure, women cannot be condemned if there is a pregnancy. Every child begins with the sperm as well as the egg, yet men are nowhere to be found in these ridiculous laws. This really does change everything. The Republican Party is trying to forcibly inflict its religious views on everyone. This will not prevail and it could very well hasten the end of that cruel, criminal and delusional party. The sleeping tiger is now awake, be careful what you wish for.

Human beings have a splendid new example of what we can do when talent, resources and vision are united toward a worthy goal. The James Webb Space Telescope is a triumph for all humanity. Twenty six years in the making, this incredibly sensitive device will be able to see some of the origin of the universe. Projects like this and efforts to slow down global warming are the tasks that should animate governments now. And maybe, finally, can we find a better, more efficient way to desalinate water? When the glaciers are gone, we will have no choice but to drink the ocean.

                                 Over the Sea, Aug. 2022 watermedia on Yupo 26x20 inches

  Another new painting, this one inspired by a day on the coast that was perfect. Warm and clear as a bell. The towns were packed with visitors loving this rare occurrence. This far north, the Pacific Ocean doesn`t deliver many calm beautiful summer days. If it is hot inland, that usually sucks in a big cold fog bank onto the shore. I wanted to paint the joyful feeling.

                                               Rivershore watercolor on Yupo 26x20 inches

 And another though this was preceded by a study from a couple of years ago. The problem with those small experiments is they can satisfy the original impulse. Nothing more evolved or ambitious is necessary. This idea lingered because I found the monochromatic quality so interesting. Below is the brush I used for the grasses. I think it is called a dagger. I don`t remember buying it but I collect all sorts of brushes. They each do at least on thing really well. This one seemed magical it was so responsive.

 Because I was using Yupo, I mixed in some gum Arabic with the paint to make those pale washes and strokes stick instead of slide away. That is a real negative aspect to Yupo, it wants to flow with the gravity.

                                         Crossing the Stream watercolor collage 14x11 inches

More repurposed paintings turned into collage.

Nieces, nephews listen up; The second Sunday of August, every August, is National Gay Uncles Day! Yeah, no one told me either, but here we are. Now we know. Now the gratitude can commence. At last a little justice. Dear nieces and nephews, don`t hold back any longer.

                                                                Maja Lisa Englehardt

                                                                      Emily Mason

 These two painters have done what I have attempted. They have merged abstraction with landscape in a personal, unique way. This kind of work is exciting.

I can`t help but find this funny. I`m completely sympathetic with her plight but this cows affection would not be denied. I hope there was a nearby bathroom.

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Anonymous said...

Great post this week! Love your paintings! Especially the grasses one. Kansas, telescope, gay uncles’ day, loving cow. Made my morning.

Libby Fife said...


I sure agree with you on the abortion points you mentioned. It's not just abortion either. All women need access to the full compliment of reproductive care, whatever it may entail. The bias towards gender and religion is ridiculous. Why not limit a man's right to a vasectomy? It's the same idea, to my way of thinking. Forwards, not backwards.

Now, I enjoy all of your work but that collage is perfect. It's seamless integration of the pieces of your work. You just wouldn't know it was a collage unless you were told. To me, that is quite subtle and wonderful.

Gay uncles day? Right on and why not?

Very grateful for the link you have on your blog so that I can receive an email with your latest post. I don't actively follow blogs anymore but I do respond positively to email updates.

Hope you are well. Take care.

Melody Cleary said...

"Rivershore" is wonderful and a departure from your other pieces....a closeup. Lovely use of greens.