Friday, January 1, 2010


I began this months ago and couldn`t get it right. We were in Oceanside the other day and my ideas about the coast were refreshed. Maybe I`ve finished it. I`ve always loved painting seascapes but have only lived by the ocean once, briefly. I was nineteen but made the most of the opportunity painting some of the largest work I`ve ever done. When I`m settled in at Sitka in February, I will do it again.


Unknown said...

I love the energy and serenity of this piece - that's hard to create.

Maureen said...

I love how the eye moves up the frame into that great expanse of billowy and blue.

Can't wait to see what comes from Sitka.

Glynn said...

I don;t know what the previous attempts were, but this one is nigh perfection.

Don Gray said...

Nice work, Randall.

Wow, Sitka looks great! And perfect for you. Are you doing a residency or a workshop?