Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Continuing with nonobjective work, this is a re-post from the summer of 08. It was commissioned by my brother Gary just months before he died. He wanted something with 'hot' color, probably for an icy day like today.
David Levine left us yesterday. He was famous for his caricatures but what an accomplished painter! Somehow he merged fine art and journalism. He was an unknown mentor who showed me early on what watercolor can do.


Maureen said...

Did Gary get to see the piece? I hope so. I think you "got" his direction well. The name fits. And I like the horizontal expanse, the way it forces the eye to move across, the way the eye looks out and moves across the ocean.

It was sad to learn of Levine's death. Clearly, you learned well from what he showed.

Randall David Tipton said...

Yes he did Maureen, he liked it.

S. Etole said...

Yupo has a bit of a mind of its own, doesn't it? Great colors.

Unknown said...

Your work is natural and expressive!