Friday, February 5, 2010

From Cascade Head

It`s been raining so much my paint isn`t drying. I have three oil paintings in process. Remembering that David Roberts has done interesting work with ink on Yupo, just before leaving the studio last night I gave it a try. One of the reasons I keep trying with this paper is because Sitka accepted me on the basis of my work with Yupo and the project I proposed was to be with Yupo. They don`t care but I was feeling defeated by it and that felt unacceptable. So I did this ink brush drawing today as I waited for the oil paint to set up.


Maureen said...

I clicked on the image to see it enlarged. I like the look of the ink on yupo.

Sitka would seem to be such a source of inspiration (though I confess I don't imagine you painting elk).

Will you be keeping a journal while you're there?

(I'll trade our blizzard for your rain. It's been snowing here since 10 this morning.)

S. Etole said...

really like this ... great lines

Anonymous said...

I love Yupo and won't go back to watercolor paper.
I coach "Fun with Yupo" workshops, they are a real eye opening!
Take a look at my blog:

Cynthia said...

This looks very intersting with the negative trees...I like it.
Looks to me like you really are imagining that you cannot tame this "devil"...I think you have it down pat.