Sunday, March 28, 2010

Issaquah 2

Just like now, titles did not come easy. I`d get out an atlas and look for names that sounded interesting. Often the words were of a Native American language, such as this one. After I moved to the Northwest I realized Issaquah was a suburb of Seattle.


Maureen said...

I'm fascinated to see these earlier works, to trace from then to now where you were and are. And clearly, where you always are is deeply imbued with your surroundings.

The palette of this painting is of the earth, like the canyons in the West, impelling a different kind of contemplation about the land. The reds slash through it the way a river carves its way in a rush. And there's a lyricism the title bequeaths and carries through all that abstractness.


Atul Pande said...

RT: Lovely piece. It is really nice how you have created the highlights that led the eye through the scene.

Jason said...

Just so you know, Randall, the town east of Seattle is spelled "Issaquah". On Wikipedia they say that the meaning of "Issaquah" is "the sound of birds", which seems fitting for this painting and this time of year.