Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fast Stream Down a Cold Mountain

We had a showing this morning of our home and our realtor says we will get an offer soon. Small paintings like this will probably be all I`ll be able to focus on. I sure hope this is simple. We looked at a new home yesterday built in the Craftsman style that was amazing. It had everything imaginable including a big basement [studio] with three huge windows! House lust is strange. As a painter I`ve had to keep material ambitions squelched in order to do it. To think a real studio is within reach is making me dizzy.


SamArtDog said...

Studio? Build it (in your mind) and it will come. And a little good luck couldn't hurt. ;o]

Maureen said...

This is marvelous. Your use of blue (like your use of red) always draws me in.

I'm so excited you're going to get an offer for your house. The Craftsman style will suit you. And to have your own studio! I imagine the feeling akin to that I feel when I have a room of my own in which to write.