Friday, June 11, 2010

Washougal Study

Before returning home the other day, I walked along the swollen Columbia River in an area the Corp of Discovery camped. Everything on the shore was flooded; mature trees were rising out of the water. Another storm was arriving fast but I got some photos before getting hammered by the rain. It`s only the 11th but we`re close to the record for June! The forecast is for a warm and sunny weekend. I sure hope so, people are desperate.


Maureen said...

Beautiful painting, Randall.

Another friend in Oregon told me last week how much rain had fallen. When the sun came out, she spent the entire day outside, having been inside all the days before. I hope the weather improves for your area.

SamArtDog said...

Seeing close-ups of your paintings always blows my mind; your path through the woods is always a surprise.

It's been so hot in Colorado, the snowmelt is flooding the rivers here in the NE part of the state. A front has come through so it'll rain hard all weekend. We'll be able to get into the ranch, but will we be able to get out?