Friday, June 18, 2010

Understory Study

Since I now have two separate areas for watermedia and oil painting, I wanted to inaugurate the unused area for a watercolor. At my residency last winter I had been frustrated in my efforts with Yupo, the idiosyncratic plastic 'paper'. After years of working with it, I was baffled to lose my touch.
This small piece came forth and without intention seems to be a way to proceed on my large, stymied creek painting. After a good session last night, I`m encouraged.


Maureen said...

So good to see and hear, Randall. (But then you do know how I feel about your work on Yupo.)

RH Carpenter said...

Is this acylics on yupo, Randall? If so, and if it's applied thickly, it could pull right off the yupo (plastic on plastic, so I've been told). I like the look of this, though and you might want to explore it more. You have two areas to paint? I am green with envy!

kate said...

Oh, no,no,no! Do not give up on yupo. You're the best. You are my yupo hero, and I'm diligently working on it with India ink now. We need your example. Your colors just sing on yupo! (sounds as if I have stock in the company)