Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pool at the Base of the Falls-Progression

Having done a study of this subject, I thought it would translate well into a larger oil painting. Only the final photo here was taken properly with the right light [outdoors].
oil on canvas 54"x40"

Available Work


Ruth Armitage said...

It looks like the first photo of the post is your final version, right? And the last photo is where you started? Love how it turned out!!!! Bravo!

Sharon Lynn Williams said...

Thanks for posting the progress steps, it really helps to get a better idea of how you work. Hope you will do more of this!!! Love your original and imaginative work : )

Jo Reimer said...

Even your first rough-in is wonderful. At first, in the email rendition of your post, I couldn't tell which was the final work but then I went to your full blog it was obvious. I've been clicking on one shot after another, studying the order in which you worked. Amazing! This is a wonderful piece.