Friday, September 14, 2012

Wetlands Morning

This was painted on a new paper by Arches specially formulated for oil paint. I pretty much hate it, like painting a paper towel! I spent way too much time on this piece because my efforts were immediately absorbed into a black hole of fibers. Really disappointing! When I saw it I was excited, I wouldn`t have to gesso it first. Now I think gesso ,with a sealant of acrylic medium, is the only way to make it usable. As a final insult, it`s nearly impossible to photograph.
oil on paper 12"x9"


Melody Cleary said...

Ohh yeah I can see the texture - sounds awful - I like your remedy, but who needs the work. Hope you send Arches a comment about it. It's like me painting on rough canvas, I don't like it!

Kathy Weber said...

I've wondered about that new Arches paper, thanks for posting your experience.