Thursday, February 21, 2013


Wyoming and New Mexico. These tiny things I paint in the interim between more ambitious work. Doodles really.
Arroyo watermedia on paper 5"x6.75"
Geyser watermedia on paper 6"x6"
New Mexico Sky watercolor on paper 5"x5"

available work in my studio


Jo Reimer said...

I like these. It's good to see how you sketch, how you play when there's no masterpiece on the easel.

Takeyce Walter said...

These sketches are little masterpieces themselves!

kingfisher said...

OOOH! The bright colors. These would make stunning large paintings to brighten a blah wall.

John bowman said...

Cool doodles, dude!

Cecilia Calderon said...

It's beautiful!