Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Palm Canyon - Vintage Tipton for Sale!

The winter of 1979-80, I spent in Thousand Palms California, a working class suburb of Palm Springs. Though it doesn`t seem very well known, the hiking in that area is outstanding. The palm canyons that are part of the  Agua Caliente Cahuilla Tribal Reservation are particularly beautiful. I painted this that winter as a Christmas gift to my parents.
My mother is now moving into a retirement home and it`s too big for her apartment. I offered to try to sell it since I didn`t want it back. The homes of all my family members overflow with my work. It`s time to set this one loose.
'Andreas Canyon' acrylic on canvas 42x48, framed* 50x56, $3000

*photo of frame on request


Melody Cleary said...

Wow - that is just stunning - it must be just awesome at that size.

Gary L. Everest said...

Aloha Randall,
This is a singularly wonderful painting and I have little doubt it will sell.
If we hadn't moved to such an expensive place, and/or won a small lottery jackpot, I would purchase this in a New York minute. Truly outstanding.
Have a good day,

Dawn said...

done well for arylic, bright colours!