Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Again

This painting from the mid-nineties sold very quickly and I didn`t get a proper photo. I took this in the frame shop and thanks to Photoshop, I made it more accurate for my records. The painting was built from many small drawings I did in Laurelhurst Park. I love botanical illustration and wanted to create a painterly version.
For anyone local, I just walked Iron Mountain and it`s full of flowering trees I think might be wild plums. The fragrance was wonderful.
oil on canvas 20"x66"


Maureen said...

A lovely piece from the past this is!

I also deeply appreciate botanical illustration, which is why I so enjoyed reading the wonderful book 'The Paper Garden'. Marvelous work produced at advanced age and now in a London museum.

Your own botanicals (the ones you've posted) are beautiful, I think.

Are the flowerings ivory-like clusters? With high temps, that scent will build. It's like perfume on warm skin.

Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

Like. Very much!

Jo Reimer said...

Lovely! Reminds me of your magnolia paintings.