Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Hillside

From a drawing I did in Portland`s Japanese Garden.
This story is off topic but it`s a good one. Believe it or not;
In 2006, when it was still legal, my friend Pam was introduced to online slot machines by her father. She`s not much of a gambler but she gave it a go, depositing a small amount in the 'bank' with her credit card. While waiting for her husband, before going out one evening, she decided to play. In short order, she won over $600,000!! Of course she couldn`t believe it so she called her Dad and after hearing the details, he said it sounded real. There was paperwork, taxes and red tape and it took nine days to get the money into her account. On that day, again waiting for her husband, she returned to the website and played again. Within minutes she won! Also over $600,000! Now, she`s sort of terrified and wondering, what does this mean? But this jackpot too proved to be a reality! This where it gets fun, she`s exactly the kind of person you hope good fortune comes to. With her smarts and good values, those funds were going to do things! She invested some, spent some frivolously such as flying her nephews to DC to see the museums, gave a lot away to worthy causes and she bought art. My art. In the fall of that year, she flew to Portland, rented a car and arrived at my house with a mission. She chose maybe a dozen paintings, some for her family members and she pulled from her purse a huge roll of cash to pay for them. That money allowed me to leave an unhappy job and become a full time painter.
She was just here for a visit last weekend. Since junior high in the 1960`s, I`m happy to call her my friend.
watermedia on paper 21"x 14"


Maureen said...

Holdout... what a marvelous story, Randall. Who has that kind of luck (and I mean you, too)?! You must have had a great visit.

Kris Wiltse said...

Wow! Really great story! The world works in wonderous ways! Love this image. I enjoy how use use negative and positive space.

Ruth Armitage said...

Everyone needs a friend like Pam!

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
Wow! A great story--so great, in fact, I enjoyed it twice!
If something like that ever happened to me, I'd be expecting the next message from the universe would be a lightning bolt.
Thanks for sharing it, Randall.

Takeyce Walter said...

That's AWESOME, Randall! So happy that Pam shared her good fortune with you. She sounds like my kind of friend. :-)
This painting is lovely - as usually!

Jo Reimer said...

Amazing story, and what a nice thing for Pam to do for her relatives and for you. One never knows when such luck will strike.