Thursday, October 24, 2013

Falls Creek - North Umpqua Study

This is a recent piece based on my experience along this creek in 2012. In an easy walk from the parking area, one can see pristine old growth rainforest in a scene of violent geologic activity. The trail weaves between massive boulders that are the remains of a mountain that slid down in an earthquake. It is intimate and pure magic.
watermedia on Yupo 12x12

available work in the studio


Katherine Harra said...

i am an east and mid-america native (New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan). I have fantasies about relocating in my retirement years to areas such as yours.
In the meantime, do you think YOU could manage to come east to Watkins Glen (Finger Lakes region of New York State) to appreciate it in your artwork as you have in this lovely example? It is a place I love and have tried to capture. SOMEONE needs to do it like you have managed!

Randall David Tipton said...

Well that`s an interesting suggestion Katherine! I just looked at your work and I`m sure you`re entirely capable of tackling Watkins Glen! I`ve seen photos and it`s exactly the kind of landscape I love.
You`re very accomplished, give it a try!