Monday, October 21, 2013

Oaks in Ice Fog

My demonstration painting from Saturday`s Open Studio.
I`ve got to get out more or invite the world to my place more often. The last two weekends were just astonishing. It`s a wonderful thing when people come through the door already knowing my work! I heard the most interesting stories and met such sensitive individuals. There were sales and praise and my insecurities have gone dormant, at least for a while. If anyone missed the tour and would like to visit, I`m keeping the display up for the time being. Call or send me a note and we can arrange a time.
watermedia on Yupo 20x20

available work in my studio


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
Congratulations! Though it's difficult to imagine you having any self-doubts, it's great news to learn your many visiting fans diminished them. :)
I'm happy for you and glad it went so well. Take care and keep up the great work!!

Maureen said...

I've been reading "Quiet", about introversion. Anyone working in the arts (visual and word artists especially) understands how much the quiet is needed for the interior life that the work demands but also how it needs to be balanced with some rah-rah. The narratives of those stories you hear always find a way inside be expressed outwardly once again.

So: get out more! is the lesson I'm teaching myself, too. said...

The simplicity is beautiful and has an oriental feel to it with such beautiful spacing

Jo Reimer said...

You wrote: “There were sales and praise and my insecurities have gone dormant”

Ha. There’s proof that you have NO reason to feel insecure about the quality or appeal of your work. YOU ARE GOOD, no, better than good. Some day they’ll write books about you and how you were an underestimated Oregon treasure, a master painter, who could turn any mess into a masterpiece. I saw it with my own eyes.

So there.

Randall David Tipton said...

Thanks Jo. It`s true however.
I am confident, I do believe in myself, but almost every painting is a struggle. My darker fears are right there with me.
This is surprisingly common. Lawrence Oliver threw up before every live performance.
It`s not a lack of self esteem, it`s an engagement with character, risk, status, and honesty.
Some artists apparently don`t suffer like this but I`m sure not one of them. I don`t think it`s required but it`s there for many. To me, painting is like a hunt, I go out to kill.