Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Across the Meadow + Workshop on the Coast

                                                        watermedia on Yupo 20x20"

I was in Bryant Woods Nature Park the other day, looked across the meadow and saw this tree swaying in the wind. Last night I painted it. Though it looks nothing like the actual tree, the grass wasn`t a turquoise color and it was raining, this is what I arrived at. Quickly too. I was on the way toward painting the overcast, getting the meadow a true green and trying to make that tree move when I realized it was done. Any painter will agree, knowing when to stop is one of the most difficult aspects of our trade. Usually, I  understand my paintings were better 20 minutes before I actually put down the brushes. I try to keep pushing and lose a measure of grace. I suspect this is common.

Soon I will be in Lincoln City on the central coast giving a two day workshop in Watermedia on Yupo, July 19 and 20. It`s not possible to register online but if you contact me, I`ll point you in the right direction.

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Libby Fife said...

Your comments about knowing when to stop are all too familiar. Had it happen on Monday. And I am positive it will happen again.

I do really like this piece. It's one of my favorite color combos that you do; it feels very crisp and clear to me-pretty if it's OK to use that adjective.