Friday, July 18, 2014

Tyron Creek Autumn


                                                               Watercolor on Yupo 26x20

  My first post from an I-Pad!
We're at the coast and it's beautiful, Oregon style. Which is quite different than the beach experiences of my young life in S. Calif. I couldn't stay out of the water as a kid. The contrast is why our neighboring state has many more millions of citizens than Oregon. Even on a perfect summer day, at this latitude, you don't really want to turn your back on the ocean. It's not your friend. So we fly kites, beachcomb, eat a lot of candy, shop, sit around fires, maybe wade a bit depending on your age, and love the sea very respectfully. 
 I'm crazy about my adopted state, but I'm grateful I grew up swimming in the ocean. A thousand miles south. I miss Laguna Beach a little on a sparkling day like today.


Colours by sheri said...

Great story...thank you. This piece is dreamy,your colours always speak to me.

Kat said...

Much different than the beaches I grew up on in Florida. Beautiful and wish I had the opportunity to see the beaches on the west coast. This story inspired me to want to go and see these beaches. Thanks for this and the painting is gorgeous. Very inspiring! Many thanks!

RH Carpenter said...

Your greens always glow like they are lit from within. Beautiful piece.

Libby Fife said...

This one is gorgeous. The bottom especially seems "lit up."

You are right-those two different sections of the same coastline are not similar at all. It's wonderful that you have experienced the range, as it were, of what our coast offers. Great observations as always.

Hope you are having a nice vacation:)

Ruth Armitage said...

Enjoy the coast Randall! Beautiful work... we need to get together while the weather is good :)

Gary L. Everest said...

Aloha Randall,
Fabulous painting, Randall. I love the cool-warm balance and sense of mystery. I've read a lot about yupo and still can't imagine how you can use it to turn out such outstanding work.
And speaking of, just kidding. I know, you know.
Oregon's beaches left us cold, so-to-speak. Being cold and rained on at a beach just never seemed right. Of course, we've remedied that situation, but I said I wouldn't go there, so I'll stop.
Have a nice Sunday!