Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Mexico Remembered

                                                         From Albuquerque to Home
                                                         watermedia on paper 16x12"

                                               Cottonwoods watercolor on paper 3.5x21"

                                                                   Santa Fe Baldy
                                                    watermedia on paper 40x27" 1988

 Memory becomes so interesting as I get older. Often it`s frustrating and completely unreliable but sometimes it`s like a long closed door is now open again. I was told this would happen. Be lucky enough to live a long life and you will revisit your youth again. I moved to New Mexico in 1976 at 22. Though I consider leaving it one of the best things I ever did, moving there was one of the bravest. I loved it immediately. Now after being in Oregon for 20 years, I`m having the sweetest small recollections of what it was like back then. Coming from Southern Calif., the clean air alone was exotic and exciting!
 So with the top two paintings above, I was fooling around with some new papers and these NM landscapes emerged, full of emotional significance for me. The beauty of my new home state was stunning and even though I was really struggling economically, it felt in many ways like a rich existence.

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Libby Fife said...

All three of these are beautiful (and evocative as always). The last one in particular I like a lot.

You are so fortunate to have a capacity for memory and translation like you do. Maybe it's being prompted in the right way which brings about a recall? And maybe it is as you mentioned, living long enough to draw on those memories. It's interesting though to think about it.

Maureen said...

Beautiful, especially (to me) the first one.

It will be so interesting to discover what you discover when you are 75 and 90.

Ruth Armitage said...

The transitions from sky to earth in Santa Fe Baldy are masterful. Beautiful work, Randall. Your emotion really comes through in these <3