Sunday, September 14, 2014

Heat in the Grasses + Metolius Water

                                                     oil on cradled panel 20x20"

This was total surrender to summer green. It was July, really hot, bees were buzzing and the water was barely flowing. The Siletz River was lazy and lovely. This was constructed through memory and all I needed were convincing trees, everything else was green.

                                                           Metolius River photo

She was polite but persistent. Every time I would talk to Laura about painting and the landscape she would ask 'have you made it up to the Metolius yet?'. There was something about her voice that made me take notice. She said this river was made for me, I would love it! So much to paint! She was so correct! First of all, it pours out of a mountain from a spring fully formed! It doesn`t become a river through the contributions of snowmelt and creeks. It`s BOOM, now there`s a river! The water is phenomenally clear and near the fish hatchery, the most gorgeous turquoise color. There are islands teeming with healthy vegetation. People with cabins near the banks set chairs beside it and watch it like a movie. It is a world unto itself and flows down through a forest of regal Ponderosa Pines. Well worth the intense three hour mountain drive from Portland.

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Libby Fife said...

I spent a good ten minutes oohing and ahhing over the pictures in that link! That water. Wow. And the river is formed from an underground spring? Incredible.

I admit to loving all of the green in your piece. I love the colors of my own landscape but I am missing something clear, and cool and wet right now!

E.M. Corsa said...

I think out of all your subjects I love your trees the most - the bulk of them anchored to the earth - and the colors that other people never glimpse.