Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Into Bryant Woods + David Hockney interview

                              oil on cradled panel 20x20

 One of the best surprises we had in moving to Lake Oswego was discovering it`s undeveloped parks. The city was wise to leave several greenspaces alone, just a few trails. Bryant Woods is a small nature preserve near our home that we visit often. It`s especially beautiful in the fall, take a look.

 The heyday of blogging has been over for quite some time, everyone knows this. Yet some of us continue out of habit, vanity, community or increasingly for me, as a journal, a visual record of this time in my life.
 The inspired painter from Montreal, Edith Dora Rey, was an early acquaintance and even mentor, teaching me a lot by example. She loves David Hockney like I do, like the whole world does and she posted a link to a great interview with him recently. He expounds at length about the importance of drawing and how to improve by working from life. In my humble opinion, Van Gogh and Hockney are unequaled in their inventiveness with line. Extraordinary painters of course, but it`s their drawings that surprise me. Hockney`s illustrations for the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales are pure genius. He`s even done stunning works of art on his I-pad.

Check out Danny Gregory`s blog. He asks some provocative questions about the creative process.

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Mitch said...

Thanks for the great links! It is always a treat to discover other paths through the internets, where there are endless gems to be discovered if we can only follow the threads.
I hope blogging hasn't seen its day; I don't have much interest in individuals sharing their every random thought, but there is nothing like following along as an artist shares his or her creative process. There are a few artists out there generous enough to share with unknown readers what they have learned along the way, and I greatly appreciate the time they devote to writing in their blogs. I start each and every day by reading my favorites; it is the education in the arts that I never had.
I appreciate your willingness and generosity, mixed with humility and tenderness, and I hope you don't give up on blogging.
Thanks for your service to the student in all of us.

E.M. Corsa said...

I agree with Mitch, having benefited from your words myself. Gorgeous interpretation of Brant Woods.

I purchased a dvd a few years back on Hockney called, The Bigger Picture. Whenever I need a punch of inspiration I go to you and that video.

Melody Cleary said...

I look at these photos you've taken and know how you'll transform them into incredible paintings....I study your work of trees and brush often! I was part of a blogging community until just recently...not like your blog which is so personal and interesting. Thanks for always sharing great art and info.

RH Carpenter said...

I guess since the heyday is over, we all should quit? But then where do those words and paintings go which we want to share? I have slowed down a bit but haven't even gotten down to just once a week posting - but may, in time. I'm glad you haven't stopped as I always enjoy seeing what you've seen and how you've transformed it into your own personal art which I get to enjoy through your blog.