Monday, November 6, 2017

Bryant Woods April

                                                Bryant Woods April watermedia on Yupo 26x40

 Well I was aiming for a Joan Nelson, but I got another Randall David Tipton.   
    Sigh..    , what can you do? When an artist finds their 'voice' it`s as particular and unique as handwriting. It`s too late to imitate. Yet if one is developing, there might be the opportunity.
The issue is interesting. The student wants that signature style as soon as possible. An early 'mistake' is seizing upon a stylization in which to become identifiable. I think it`s unfortunate because it can short circuit genuine exploration. I did it myself;

                                                         Telluride Canyon watermedia on paper 30x20

 In this piece from the early 80`s I made the massive mountain on the left almost a symbol with those strong diagonals. I simplified the scene probably because I didn`t yet have the skills or patience to make a thoughtful representation. It`s not terrible but it has kind of a 'cheap' look. Or, maybe it`s just the difference between a young man`s expression in contrast to the depth of someone older.
Another stylized landscape from the 80`s;

                                            October Aspen watermedia on paper 48x36

                                                       Marc Chagall and daughter Ida, 1945 (Lotte Jacobi)

 What a good Dad!

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Libby Fife said...

I think getting a "Randall" is rather nice!

The topic you mentioned always interests me and I couldn't agree more. I do think it is imitation versus exploration and you could miss out if you just do the one and not the other. But, I also think that within the imitating you can learn what you like and don't like and that if you are paying attention, there could be little "clues" letting you know what to do next. It's also hard to accept the limit of your skill set and patience. Living with those limitations while learning isn't always easy. There is a strong desire to be "good" instantly, at least for me.

Always happy when you bring up these ideas-thank you!

Mitch said...

I love your April piece! Can a painting be "handsome"? I think the combination of the blue background and pinks of the foreground make a remarkable combination. Is that a new blue you are using? I don't recognize it, but it is immensely appealing. Bravo!

Maggie Emm said...

It's gorgeous!

Jo Reimer said...

Another incredible Randal Tipton original. You're right about developing one's voice. When one allows their work to develop naturally it becomes as unique as handwriting. Whenever I try to do work that is radically different I fail, but when I relax and have fun and let the work evolve naturally it has an authenticity that can't help but have my handprint on it.