Monday, October 23, 2017

New Watermedia

                                                  Rain in the Forest watermedia on Yupo 20x26

 Although not a proper word, watermedia is the term I use for any combination of watercolors, acrylics, inks and water soluble dry mediums. In the throes of painting, anything I can reach may be of use. It is a major advantage of having two painting areas on my studio so that I don`t mix up oils and watercolors by accident.
I will apply oil paint on top of a watermedia piece, but only if there is a barrier layer of acrylic. Anyway, underneath the painting above is a weak attempt to show what an autumn rain is like here. A year later, I got much closer.

                                                     Ice Fog watermedia on Yupo 20x20

 Here is another effort to rescue a failure.
The experience of walking through the field with tiny ice particles stinging my face was so unique, I haven`t been able to abandon this painting. Even now I`m trying to talk myself into believing this is subtle and delicate when it is probably just boring. My tenacity is a positive most of the time but it can entrap me.

                                                      Dry Rivulet watercolor on Yupo 26x20

 Pure watercolor! I rejected the restrictive rules about traditional technique decades ago, yet when I can pull it off, I`m happy! I have my cake, now I`ll eat it!
I get annoyed by the acceptance of received 'wisdom', unexamined theory, and historical instructions. It`s a hair trigger response to authority. Wherever it comes from. I was not a good student as I got older.

                                                        Cobalt Forest watercolor on Yupo 12x9

 In trying out some small scale pours of liquid paint, another forest came into view in front of me. Imagine that. Formulaic painting is deadly, I may need to leave the trees for a while.

                                                                photo by Mitch Burrell

 Summer is undeniably over. The last plein air outing was miserable perched above the creek in tiny Oswego canyon. The cold air hovered at ground level and my watercolors would not dry.
We`re talking now about some indoor, winter equivalents, maybe still life or portraits.
Las LOPAS will never die!
Here is the one I was working on when the photo above was taken;

                                                  Late Summer Grove watermedia on Yupo 14x11


 He`s all grown up now.
Because of his thick coat and hairy toes, we thought he may be part Maine Coon cat, but they grow to be much bigger.
I recently ran across an article on cat breeds best suited for families. One was called a Rag Doll, which I had never heard of. They have the name because they go limp in your arms when you carry them. They are very affectionate and want to be involved in everything. The oddest thing about them is they don`t meow. When I come up from the studio, Lyndon meets me in the kitchen talking non stop. His mouth is moving but there is no sound. It`s adorable.

However, when he gets on the stairs and looks down on us with that psychotic gaze, you can see he has one thing on his mind, and one thing only...  murder.

In the latest scandal involving the president I hadn`t paid too much attention until I read a blistering defense of Myeshia Johnson and Congresswoman Wilson by the poet Lesle Honore this morning. The president tried to do the right thing in calling the widow to offer condolences. Being inexperienced in kindness, he flubbed it, then of course made it all worse since.
In the poem she addresses General Kelly after his remarks defending Trump;

Fredericka Wilson is far from empty
Do you understand the boldness it takes
to aspire to what you have never seen
to walk through life
Being told you are nothing
and still rise
From Teacher
To Principal
To Mentor
To Congresswoman

You said there was a time
when things were
When women were sacred
When have Black Women
ever been
Sacred here ?

We have only been Sacred
to each other

     by Lesle Honore

just three stanza, out of order, yet the question of when black women have ever been sacred here, in our country, points a bright penetrating light on the truth.

 The Sitka Art Invitational is only two weeks away! Mark it on your calendar!
 It is the best venue for seeing lots of excellent landscapes and nature themed art works.


Maggie Emm said...

Ah yes, the kings of the stairs! I've had many a punch to the side of the head through the banisters....

Libby Fife said...

OK, so you nailed my experience with the Cobalt Forest piece. I can clearly remember walking through the woods and looking at the trees and thinking how everything felt so blue! I have never been able to replicate that idea.

We think our Cassie cat is part Maine Coon also. I suspected rag doll at first but she hates being held (she goes very limp and is uncooperative) and is really particular about how close she will sit to you. Your Lyndon cat is a very handsome fellow. Please tell him for me:)

I told my husband the other day that I almost felt sorry for Trump. Almost. He is so deeply flawed as a feeling human being that it's hard to know just how to sort that out. Absolutely unfit for the role of President.

We still have very warm weather here. I have the sliding glass door open as we speak!
Great post!
Thank you,

RH Carpenter said...

I love all the paintings today - but especially the cobalt trees :) I know that soft icy painting will find someone who falls in love with it so don't stress too much over it being too soft and misty. The poem made me cry - which is what good poems should do = make you happy/sad/angry/serene. Yes - women were sacred back when we we all good little girls who grew up to be good little women. A lot of older men just truly don't get it - don't get the day-to-day struggle to be able to stand up for oneself and not be called a bitch because of it. I have granddaughters and hope their world is a better one but it seems we are going backwards as quickly as possible these days. Keep up the good fight, Randall, and keep sharing beauty!

Olie said...

Superb Paintings...Great Talent.Keep it up!!!