Thursday, December 3, 2009

Steam and a Mill

The industries on both banks of the Willamette River in Oregon City look bustling. Visually, they`re extremely complex with great gusts of steam obscuring, then clearing from the view. It`s noisy, damp and busy. And then barely beyond the factories upriver are the Falls. In winter, they are an arc of glorious tumultuous water. Just fascinating. I`d like to focus my work here someday.

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Maureen said...

This has the feel of some long-lost period.

Living around D.C., I do not see such industrial areas, and certainly not working factories. Most areas that had any factories have been turned into arts-related complexes, with the exception of one sad place in Maryland that was "transformed" into the most regrettable mall. Even our infamous Lorton prison is now Workhouse Arts Center.

The Falls must be spectacular.

I'll look forward to seeing what this area inspires in you.